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htc-vacuum-pendulum-valve.jpg Pendulum valve
Pendulum valve for control vacuum system, is install a large throttle valve between the process vacuum chamber and the turbine molecular pump inlet. Show All
htc-vacuum-aluminum-valve.jpg Aluminum HV angle valve
Aluminum HV angle valve body is high purity aluminum and connected KF flanges. Its 10 million cycle and leak rate Show All
all-metal-valves.jpg All Metal Valves
Bakeable All Metal Valves are used in ultra-high vacuum system processing , provide reliable high temperature seals from atmospheric pressures to below 10-11 Torr. Show All
gate-valve-advanced.jpg Gate Valves
Main function of gate valve are for isolate the vacuum volume Show All
htc-vacuum-valve.jpg Vacuum Valves
Valves are used for controlling gas flow to achieve a particular pressure Show All
htc-vacuum-teflon-coating-valve.jpg Teflon Coating vacuum valves
Teflon Coating vacuum valves, your best solution for scrubber pipe line of exhaust system. Show All
vacuum-ball-valves.jpg Vacuum Ball Valve
Vacuum ball valves are designed to have the ball contained in a central valve body and is opened and closed by turning the stem 90° back Show All
htc-vacuum-transfer-gate-valve.jpg Transfer gate valve
Transfer valve is one of transfer gate valve and doors for FPD industry and coating equipment. Show All
aluminum-vacuum-gate-valve.jpg Aluminum vacuum gate valve
Htc vacuum manufactures the aluminum body vacuum gate valve used in High vacuum system environment. Aluminum gate valve is a kind of the pneumatic vacuum valve. Show All
apc-butterfly-valve.jpg APC butterfly valve
APC butterfly valve controller system features is integrated pressure controller and accurate pressure control. Show All
htc-vacuum-check-valve.jpg Check Valve
Check valve allows gas and liquid to flow into only one direction and prevent another countercurrent flow valve. Show All
htc-vacuum-chamber.jpg Vacuum Chambers
Most commonly used material for vacuum chambers is stainless steel, aluminum, or carbon steel. The shape of vacuum chambers can be rectangle, cylinder and multi-edge Show All
htc-vacuum-6-way-cube-cross.jpg 6 way cube cross
The 6 way cube fittings with Conflat flanges are used for ultra-high vacuum applications. Show All
htc-vacuum-fitting.jpg Elbows-Tees-Crosses
Elbows, Tees, and Crosses is available for all of the vacuum chambers tubing connection sizes. Show All
htc-vacuum-bellows.jpg Hydroformed Vacuum Bellows
Vacuum bellows have "Flexible Hoses" and "Compressible Bellows". Show All

Vacuum Pump Services

Htc vacuum has many years of vacuum pump repair services in the semiconductor industry, TFT-LCD industry and other vacuum technical industry experiences.
24 hours a year repairs and perfect services.

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